Brand & Model S/N Parameter Range Resolution Accuracy Pres. Sensor P. Sens. S/N
Sea-Bird Scientific SBE 63 OXYGEN 1074 Oxygen 120% of surface saturation in all natural waters (fresh and salt) 0.2 µmol/Kg >± 3 µmol/kg (equivalent to 0.07 ml/L or 0.1 mg/L) or ± 2%


Data "Work type" Description Coefficients Temp Coefficients
2016-06-17 Built-in [1.0513;-1.5e-3;4.2979e-001;-2.2238e-001;1.6434e+000;9.7678e-002;4.1613e-003;5.4351e-005] [7.142489e-004;2.476494e-004;9.884156e-007;9.231336e-008]
Calibration certificate