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08 March 2012:

An Italian profiling float was successfully deployed in the Eastern Tropical Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Senegal on 8 March 2012 from R/V Le Suroit during the UPSEN oceanographic cruise with the help of oceanographers from the LPAOSF of Dakar University, CRODT and IRD/UPMC. This float is an Arvor-L instrument manufactured by NKE in France. It cycles between the surface and 1500 dbar every 10 days and drifts at the parking depth of 1000 dbar. It measures temperature and salinity at each ascent. It transmit data to, and is localized by, the standard Argos satellite system when at surface. We thank Dr. Alban Lazar and colleagues for helping with the deployment operations. Photo gallery

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Argo-Italy is financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)

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