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24 May 2018:

SeaGlider Amerigo was recovered and 121 g was added on the "pupa". The instrument was redeployed after a few hours. Glider Glider mission

22 May 2018:

The SeaGlider Amerigo was deployed South East of Cyprus for the MELMAS project Glider Glider mission

30 March 2018:

The firmware of the SeaGlider Amerigo was updated and the 10V battery was replaced Glider

23 February 2018:

Four NKE Arvor-I floats with ice detection capability, one Metocean DOVA float and 9 SVP-B drifters have been deployed in the Southern Ocean from research vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer. The floats are programmed to cycle every 10 days and to profile down to a maximal pressure of 2000 dbar, while parking depth is set to 1000 dbar, providing temperature and salinity data. Special thanks to Pasquale Castagno from Parthenope University for his collaboration. Float-1 Float-2 Float-3 Float-4

17 February 2018:

The Slocum glider 403 Leonardo was successfully recovered after a 20-day mission in the South Adriatic Sea. Glider Glider mission

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