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31 January 2018:

Three Arvor I floats have been deployed in the southern Pacific sector from research vessel AGULHAS II. The floats are programmed to cycle every 10 days and to profile down to a maximal pressure of 2000 dbar providing temperature and salinity data. We thank Luigi Marziani for the help during the deployment.

29 January 2018:

The Slocum glider 403 Leonardo was deployed for the South Adriatic experiment. Glider Glider mission

23 January 2018:

Elena Mauri, dell'OGS, ci racconta come, studiando le correnti, la salinità e altre caratteristiche fisico-biogeochimiche dei nostri mari, possiamo comprendere efficacemente fenomeni come il cambiamento climatico.

14 December 2017:

The Slocum glider 402 Galileo was successfully recovered after a 13-day mission. Glider

02 December 2017:

The Slocum glider 402 Galileo was deployed for the PreConvex18 experiment in the South Adriatic sea. Glider

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