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12 February 2019:

The Seaglider Marco SG661 was deployed south of Cyprus for the Melmas 2019 mission. Glider Glider mission

09 February 2019:

The Convex19 mission in the South Adriatic sea was completed and the slocum glider Leonardo was safely recovered after 11 days. Glider Glider mission

29 January 2019:

The slocum glider Leonardo was deployed in the South Adriatic Sea for the Bari-Dubrovnik transect (Convex19 mission) Glider Glider mission

04 December 2018:

The PreConvex19 mission was terminated and the SeaGlider Marco was successfully recovered after 12 days at sea. Glider Glider mission

22 November 2018:

The new SeaGlider SG661 "Marco" was deployed in the South Adriatic Sea for the PreConvex19 mission Glider Glider mission

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