Mediterranean Surface Velocity Programme

The Mediterranean Surface Velocity Programme (MedSVP) is responsible for the coordination of surface drifter operations at the Mediterranean level. This includes the following activities:

1) the coordination of drifter deployments in the Mediterranean;

2) the processing of the drifter data with specific QC tailored for the Mediterranean, both in NRT and delayed-mode;

3) the preparation and distribution of Mediterranean drifter products and services;

4) and the comparison of the Mediterranean drifter data with ancillary surface velocity data (e.g., HF radars) and model products.

MedSVP is part of the Italian "Gruppo Nazionale di Oceanografia Operativa" (GNOO) and of the Mediterranean Operational Oceanography Network (MOON). Partial support is provided by the MyOcean project.

Alive Trajectories

Google Earth - Drifter Alive - Mediterranean

Google Earth - Drifter Alive - Outside Mediterranean

For more information please contact P.-M. Poulain or R. Gerin.