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Western and Eastern Cretan passage -- Photo Album

06 - 08 June 2016

One Deep Arvor float and one Apex float have been deployed respectively in the western and eastern Cretan passage from research vessel AEGAEO. The Deep Arvor is programmed to cycle every 5 days and to profile down to a maximal pressure of 4000 dbar. It provides temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen profiles and uses Iridium telemetry. The Apex float cycles every 5 days with maximal pressure of 2000 dbar providing temperature and salinity data; data telemetry is done with the satellite Argos system. Special thanks to Civitarese P. and his team for the successful deployment operations.

Argo-Italy is financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)

For more information please contact: P.- M. Poulain
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