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Gliders are small autonomous underwater vehicles which were developed to carry out in-situ observations of the upper 1km of the ocean filling the gaps left by the existing observing systems. More information on the instruments, how they work, why are they important are posted in the Everyone’s Gliding Observatories site (EGO).
OGS gliders are part of the European glider infrastructure designed by GROOM (FP7 European Project).


24 May 2018:

SeaGlider Amerigo was recovered and 121 g was added on the "pupa". The instrument was redeployed after a few hours. Glider Glider mission

22 May 2018:

The SeaGlider Amerigo was deployed South East of Cyprus for the MELMAS project Glider Glider mission

30 March 2018:

The firmware of the SeaGlider Amerigo was updated and the 10V battery was replaced Glider

17 February 2018:

The Slocum glider 403 Leonardo was successfully recovered after a 20-day mission in the South Adriatic Sea. Glider Glider mission

29 January 2018:

The Slocum glider 403 Leonardo was deployed for the South Adriatic experiment. Glider Glider mission


History of the OGS Glider team

The OGS glider team was created in spring 2007, when a shallow water SLOCUM glider (manufactured by Webb Research Corporation) was purchased. This glider was named TRIESTE-1 after the famous bathyscaphe Trieste designed by August Piccard in the 1950's. After having performed different missions in December 2009 the communication with TRIESTE-1 was lost in the area South of Cyprus. It was never recovered!

In 2010, the OGS glider group conducted another mission in the Ligurian Sea using a French glider thanks to the EGO collaboration.

In spring 2012 a SeaGlider manufactured by the IRobot (named Amerigo) was acquired with the main purpose to use it in the area of the South Adriatic since it is designed for deep waters (up to 1000 m). This area, during winters, is a site of deep water convection which is monitored by OGS every year.

In October 2013 two new SLOCUM gliders, Galileo and Leonardo, designed as shallow water instruments became part of the OGS fleet. They will be mainly operated in the north and central Adriatic Sea.

For more info about the glider missions please visit the "missions" sections.

Argo-Italy is financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)

For more information please contact: E. Mauri
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