Slocum glider (G2) 402 Galileo

Trieste Test 2017

18 May 2017:

The problems on the Slocum glider Galileo were fixed at Teledyne and now it is back at the OGS lab.Glider

19 January 2017:

The slocum glider Galileo (unit 402) was sent to the factory because damaged.Glider

01 March 2016:

The glider #402 was shipped to Teledyne for a serious check after the failure communication and the burned matherboard.Glider

09 December 2014:

The Slocum glider Galileo was successfully tested in the Gulf of Trieste. It performed a short real mission collecting scientific data at the highest frequency (1 Hz).Glider Glidermission Photogallery

30 September 2014:

Two new SLOCUM gliders were successfully deployed and tested in the Gulf of Trieste.Glider-1 Glider-2

Scientific data