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Gliders are small autonomous underwater vehicles which were developed to carry out in-situ observations of the upper 1km of the ocean filling the gaps left by the existing observing systems. More information on the instruments, how they work, why are they important are posted in the Everyone’s Gliding Observatories site (EGO).
OGS gliders are part of the European glider infrastructure designed by GROOM (FP7 European Project).

OGS glider fleet

SeaGlider Amerigo

Slocum Glider Galileo

Slocum Glider Leonardo


16 March 2017:

The SeaGlider Amerigo was successfully recovered south of Cyprus after a 36-day mission. The data will be soon analyzed. Glider Glider mission

10 February 2017:

The SeaGlider Amerigo was deployed south of Cyprus for the second part of the Cinel experiment Glider Glider mission Photo gallery

19 January 2017:

The slocum glider Galileo (unit 402) was sent to the factory because damaged. Glider

20 December 2016:

Amerigo Seaglider data was partially downloaded in Cyprus. Glider

11 December 2016:

The slocum glider Leonardo (unit 403) was recovered after a 9-day mission in the south Adriatic Sea. Glider Glider mission

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