14 May 2007 to 19 October 2007

This database contains the data of satellite-tracked surface drifters released in the Ligurian Sea as part of the MREA07 and LASIE07 projects. More information about these projects can be seen on the MREA07 - LASIE07 main page.

A html-based browser was designed  to facilitate access to the data. Individual plots (trajectories and time-series), a master table, as well as a short description of the drifter systems and of  the data processing, are easily accessible through standard HTML documents, and can be visualized using a web viewer such as Netscape 7.1 or similar. The edited and interpolated/filtered drifter data are also provided in ASCII and MATLAB binary files, respectively.

This product is the collective work of Pietro Zanasca, Riccardo Gerin and Pierre-Marie Poulain. Funding was principally provided by the NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC) and by a grant from the United States Office of Naval Research to the Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale (OGS).