- Your guide to Oceanographic and Marine Data & Information in Europe


  • to develop, maintain and publish meta-data directories on the Internet to keep track of ocean and marine data & information and to improve the overall awareness, overview and access to ocean and marine data & information in Europe:
            1. EDMED - European Directory of Marine Environmental Datasets
            2. ROSCOP - Cruise Summary Reports
            3. EDMERP - European Directory of Marine Environmental Research Projects
  • to exchange experience and to cooperate in development, promotion and implementation of data & information management practices and methods;
  • to develop and organize an overall capability for handling, processing, quality-controlling and archiving a variety of oceanographic and marine data types, anticipating differences in capabilities of individual partners and the involvement of new data types;
  • to define, develop and implement a Common Data Index meta-directory that will enable users to get detailed insight in the availability and geographical spreading of marine data across Sea-Search partners. The XML technology will be used to develop and maintain the new meta-database in a distributed network approach, facilitating meaningful search across multiple platforms.


2003, Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale,
Department of Oceanology and Environmental Geophysics


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