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Project Reports

The European Directory of Marine Environmental Research Projects (EDMERP) gives information on ongoing research projects, data collection activities, involved organisations and scientists, and resulting products. EDMERP was defined and fully developed as part of the EURONODIM project.

At present EDMERP covers already more than 320 Research Projects from more than 62 Research centres, that can be searched by the Sea-Search website.

OGS is responsible for keeping the national contributions up-to-date.


EDMERP entries included in Sea-Search database:

ADRICOSM - ADRIatic sea integrated COastal areaS and river basin Management system pilot project

ASCOP - Adriatic Scientific COoperation Program

CORILA 2000-2004 - Line 3.5.Quantity and quality of exchanges between lagoon and sea

CORILA 2004-2007 - Line 3.15. Solid tansport and circulation of the upper layers in the inlets and the coastal zone

CORMIR - CORrentometria a MIRamare (Circulation study in Miramare area)

DOLCEVITA - Dynamics of Localized Currents and Eddy Variability in the Adriatic

EVOLINE - EVOlution of coastal LINE

MAMBO - Monitoraggio AMBientale Operativo (Operational Environmental Monitoring)

OTRANTO - Hydrodynamics and Geochemical Fluxes in the Strait of Otranto

PALME - Operational Environmental Monitoring

POEM - Physical Oceanography of Eastern Mediterranean

PRISMA - National Research Program for the Adriatic Sea

SINAPSI - Seasonal, INterannual and decAdal variabilità of the atmosPhere, oceanS and related marIne ecosystems

National SIMBIOS project (2000-2003) in the Sardinia Sea

MAMA-Mediterranean network to Assess and upgrade the Monitoring and forecasting Activity in the region (2002-2004)

MFSTEP - Mediterranean Forecasting System Towards Environmental Prediction

The subsurface profiling float system MEDARGO

Broad-Band Seismology in the Scotia Sea Region

Envirinmental monitoring the effects produces by the installation of modile barriers in the Venice lagoon inlets

SEDANO - SEdiment Drifts of the ANtarctic Offshore

MEDNET - Mediterranean model networking and archiving program

MODB - Mediterranean Oceanic Data Base

ARCHIMEDE - Development of an information archive of meteo-marine data

EUROMARGE-AS - Transfer of organic matter and related elements in water and sediments of the Adriatic sea

DiCANN - Dinoflagellate Categorisation by Artificial Neural Network

EU Programme Interreg 2 Italy-Slovenia

EU Programme Interreg 3 Italy-Slovenia


CoNISMa, National Interuniversity Consortium for Marine Science, Roma (Italy)

INGV, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Bologna (Italy)

Fondazione IMC - Centro Marino Internazionale ONLUS, Sardinia (Italy)

Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale – OGS, Dipartimento di Oceanolografia, Trieste (Italy)

Marine Biology Laboratory of Trieste (Italy)

IUN, Università degli Studi di Napoli 'Parthenope' - Istituto di Meteorologia e Oceanografia, Napoli (Italy)

University of Bologna, Environmental Science, Laboratory SINCEM (Italy)

Zoological Station 'A. Dohrn' - Laboratory of Biological Oceanography, Napoli (Italy)


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