*CENTRE-NAME: Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale OGS, Dipartimento di Oceanologia e di Geofisica Ambientale
*VISIT-ADDRESS: Borgo Grotta Gigante 42/c, 34010 Sgonico (Trieste)

*DESCRIPTION: The "Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale-OGS", the former Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale, is located at Borgo Grotta Gigante, 42/c, 34010 SGONICO (Trieste), Italy. The OGS is a public research institute, sponsored by Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research (MURST), and is active in most of the geophysical research fields, ranging from seismic exploration, to seismology, oceanography and environmental geophysics. It is organised in three departments:
- Oceanology and Environmental Geophysics
- Solid Earth Geophysics
- Centre of Seismological Researches located in Udine.
The Department of Oceanology and Environmental Geophysics (DOGA) has a long experience in pure, applied and experimental physical oceanography, as well as in ecological-hydrodynamic numerical models. In the last thirty years large scale studies were carried out for private and public companies (SNAM, SNAM Progetti, AGIP, ANAS, Ministero dei Lavori pubblici, etc.) of applied researches and operational implications of the marine environment (i.e. offshore pipeline, petrol- platform, sub-marine infrastructure, etc.). Air-sea interface studies were conducted for storm-surge, wind-waves forecasting and coastal zone management. The investigated areas concern the Adriatic Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean, Sicily, Messina and Otranto Straits.
The main activities and research work are in the field of marine currents, wave generation and propagation, marine offshore meteorology, dynamics and fundamental large scale physical processes, at synoptic and small scale.
The DOGA has been involved in the national and international co-operative research programs concerning the Adriatic Sea, as CNR-Progetti Finalizzati, Italian-Yugoslav Program for the protection of Adriatic Sea/ASCOP, National Research Program for the protection of the Adriatic Sea (PRISMA1 and PRISMA2). The DOGA has been and is still carrying out multidisciplinary studies in Antarctica in the frame of the Italian participation to the Antarctica Treaty.
The scientific reputation of the oceanographic research groups has been confirmed by their participation at many international agency sponsored and EU-founded programmes in the Mediterranean Sea. The DOGA has been active in the P.O.E.M. program and conducted as scientific coordinator the MAST/MTP1/OTRANTO project (Hydrodynamics and Geochemical Fluxes in the Strait of Otranto), specifically obtaining long-term marine currents measurements at the strait interior and CTD seasonal surveys. The DOGA was partner in the MAST/MTP1/EUROMARGE-AS (modelling of the transport and dispersion of sediment in the Adriatic Sea), and in MAST/MTP1 MERMAIDS (aggregated model of the Mediterranean ecosystem). The DOGA was Italian main contractor within the MAST/MTP2/MATER (Mass Transfer and Ecosystem Response) and conducted, as responsible, four works. Specifically, process oriented studies of deep water formation in Adriatic Sea, ecosystem modelling at Mediterranean basin scale, fluxes and water exchange at Otranto Strait and finally, it acts as Responsible Regional Data Centre for the Central Mediterranean in many EU-founded projects, and maintains important data set for the scientific community.
The oceanographic data held by Department are subject to different availability. The data collected in the frame of scientific programmes can be exchanged on bilateral basis, or by special arrangement with the scientists involved in their original collection. Other data, particularly those collected on behalf of Oil Industries and private Companies, are of restricted availability awaiting final clearance by the clients (approximately 5 years from date of their collection). For several data sets collected in the past we are in a position to freely exchange and disseminate.

*CURRENCY-DATE: 1992-09-11
*REVISION-DATE: 1999-12-15


*CONTACT-TITLE: Director of Department
*POST-ADDRESS: Borgo Grotta Gigante 42/c
34010 Sgonico (Trieste)
*PHONE: +39 040 21401
*FAX: +39 040 327307
*TELEX: 460329 OGS I
*CURRENCY-DATE: 1992-09-11
*REVISION-DATE: 1999-12-15

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