European Directory of the Initial Ocean-observing System

Regional Center for Central and Western Mediterranean Sea 

OGS Tasks:

All information on the European ocean-observing sites/devices (repeated sections, repeated samples, buoys, platforms, etc.) currently in use in the Central-Western Mediterranean Sea are assembled at OGS Regional Center, with co-operation of Italy, Spain, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Yugoslavia and Albania national contacts at key institutes and through Med GOOS.

OGS will co-ordinate Task 5, related to WP 3: Regional Metadata Acquisition, beeing referent for the Central-Western Mediterranean bordering countries (Region IV, namely Italy, Spain, Malta, Slovenia, Criatia, Yugoslavia and Albania). OGS will assemble regional information to be included in EDIOS from existing databases as well as acquire information (metadata) on operational ocean observations with co-operation of national contacts at key institutions in Italy (ENEA, CNR) and Spain (IEO), and through MedGOOS.

EDIOS metadata sampling regions.






OGS is involved in the identification of potential users of EDIOS in the Central-Western Meditarrenean bordering countries (Task 1.3).

OGS contributes in the definition of the type and detail of information relevant for designing of the Directory (WP 6) as well as in the testing the Questionnaire for meta-data acquisition from operational agencies and research institutes (Task 2.1).

OGS transfers contributing in harmonising all collected informations into the central data assemblage centre (WP 4).

OGS participates in the testing of the EDIOS visual user interface (WP 5) as well as in the dissemination of the final products (Task 7.2) and planning for future update of EDIOS (WP 8).


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