The E2-M3A system is characterized by a surface buoy (A) and a single mooring line (B). The buoy hull of welded steel construction has a discus shape, which provides three main compartments, provision for installation of sensors, ballast compartments and provision for the attachment of the superstructure. The surface buoy in a separated mooring line communicates with the instrument mooring through hydro-acoustic modems that allows the real data transfer from the platform to the land station. The three types of measurements that are processed by the E2-M3A station are:
  • Air-sea interface measurements which includes a meteorological station and solar radiation sensor;
  • Biochemical and physical properties (pHT and pCO2) of the subsurface layer through probes attached at 2m depth and transmitted to the surface buoy through an inductive cable;
  • Biochemical and physical properties (Temperature, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, horizontal and vertical currents, transmissometer) of the seawater in the layer 100m-bottom through probes attached on a deep mooring line (connected by acoustic links to the surface buoy).

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Oceanographic parameters Depth Sensor
Temperature and salinity 2 m Seabird SBE37-SM
pHT 2 m Sunburst SAMI pH
pCO2 2 m Pro Oceanus CO2-Pro
pressure 2 m Seabird SBE37-ODO
O2 2 m Seabird SBE37-ODO
Temperature and salinity 15 m Seabird SBE37-SM
Meteorological parameters
Atmosferic pressure 3.5 m asl Young 61202
Wind speed and direction 4. m asl Young 04106
Air temperature 3.5 m asl Young 41372
Relative humidity 3.5 m asl Young 41372
Solar radiation 2. m asl Eppley PSP
IR radiation 2. m asl Eppley PSP


Oceanographic parameters Depth Sensor
Temperature and salinity 565, 900, 1000, 1170 m Seabird SBE37-SM
Temperature and salinity 365, 765 m Seabird SBE16plus
Pressure 365, 560, 765, 1000 m Seabird SBE16plus
Turbidity 1204 m Aanderaa 3612
Dissolved Oxygen 365, 765 m Seabird SBE16plus
Transmittance 365, 765 m Seabird SBE16plus
Currents (profiling) 150 - 300 m RDI Workhorse 150 kHz
Current 1180 m Aanderaa RCM11

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