Workpackage 2 (WP2): Continuation of VOS program

OGS is responsible of the continuation and improvement of the ADRICOSM ship of opportunity (VOS - Voluntary Observing Ship Program) monitoring system. In collaboration with "Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry "VENEZIA" of AGEMAR, we are studying the vertical distributions of temperature in Southern Adriatic with XBT launches along the longitudinal axis of the Adriatic Sea from Trieste to Durres with a cross section from Durres to Bari. A meteo-station have been installed at the top of the ferry and it will be operative all the time while ship will be cruising. Meteo-data as air temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction. The XBT measurements are planned to be carried out on a monthly basis with a spatial resolution of 10 nautical miles as in the previous program which has been operative since 1999. The Deep Blue type of XBT will be used as they can go down to 900 m depth. The Deep Blue type of XBT will be used as they can go down to 900 m depth and T-4 will be used for shallow waters. For the deepest part of the southern Adriatic Pit the Fast Deep type of XBT will be launched. The data will transmitted in near real time and collected at the National Oceanographic Data Centre at OGS and at ENEA.


Mar. 2010