Task 1.1: Continuation of the MFSPP (Mediterranean Forecasting System Pilot Project) forecasting activities
Task 1.2: Enhancement of the MFS (Mediterranean Sea basin scale Forecasting System) - VOS (Voluntary Observing Ships) system for the Adriatic Sea
The Mediterranean Forecasting System aims at the prediction of coastal primary producers variability from the time scales of days to months. Such a predictive capability is required to sustain an healthy coastal environment and its management.
OGS VOS Results

Task 4.4: Modeling and data acquisition centers

Task 4.5: Final archiving of data
The in situ data collected during the project will be released to the National Oceanographic Data Center (OGS/Italy) for historical archives.
Oceanographic data

Task 4.6: Web sites implementation and ftp

Task 4.7: Dissemination of forecasts and observations through a Web network

Real Time MAMBO Buoy Data